Monday, September 10, 2012

Make Your Meditation Child’s Play.

Remembering the Clouds of my Childhood.
Remember the clouds when you where young? The kind you saw when you lay out in the yard and looked up. The ones you made a game of with a friend finding shapes in them, faces, places, cartoon animals and even mythical creatures. Your mom call out to you, “ If you lay in the grass you’ll get chigger bites”, but you didn’t care because the world was a magical place and you didn’t want to miss a minute of it. What if a really great cloud came by and you missed it? Oh no, you had to live life and you relished every minute of it, chiggers or not. This was a child’s form of meditation. I think, as adults, what might be missing in our lives is the joy we found on those lazy days of childhood.

This weekend the weather finally turned cool enough to really enjoy everything the earth has to offer. I was sitting on the deck out at Frogbirds Farm enjoying the day. Everything was perfect. Temperatures were in the mid 70°. There was a beautiful blue sky, a lovely breeze, a sun that warmed without making you hot and just enough high clouds to make it interesting. A little humming bird probably on his way to Mexico, stopped by my table and tried to take a drink out of the straw in my cup. He then chirped “good by” and headed south.
Flying Home to Mexico

Many of us try to fit meditation or yoga into our busy lives. It is good for you but I think some times we might just be working at it a little to hard. Don't let it become a chore.  Remember your childhood and the ease at which you found yourself falling onto the grass, looking up at the clouds, laughing with a friend and loving the earth. It wasn’t something you planned, it just happened.  It can still happen if you just let it and it is time very well spent.

Om, Aum, Ohm, a holy meditation symbol.
We stay very busy on Frogbirds Farm but, I always find a little time to stop and look at the clouds. I sit in my chair, (getting down in the grass is not a problem, these days it is the getting up;-), I watch the clouds, and listened to the leaves on the trees making soft music with the frogs, birds and insects singing along. It makes me think of those simpler times and those wonderful childhood games.

When evening comes to Frogbirds Farm, we go in for the day and when a candle lights up one of my favorite candle wraps I stop for a bit to watch and enjoy the light and let its beauty wash over me. It is a form of meditation I just let it happen. It brings me peace.

Always remember, take the time to watch the clouds. It's child's play.

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

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