Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring on Frogbirds Farm

 It is Spring at Frogbirds Farm. After last years drought we are glad to see the rain. Granted it might be a little to much rain, with all the added snow melt from the north and west, some of the rivers threaten to spill over their banks. But, when you live in the Ozarks you learn to take life as it comes and this year it is a wet Spring.

Crocus, Lilacs, Violets and Herbs all bloom in the garden as the moss on the forest floor turn Spring green.
Frogbirds pond is full again and in spite of all the rain it is still a beautiful spring.Just a few weeks ago the Crocus blooms where the first to announce the coming of Spring. Now the Dogwood takes it turn splashing the forest with white. Everywhere you look the Earth is awakening from the first wildflowers, the greening mosses on the ground to the leafing out of the trees. The herbs and early flowers in my garden are coming to life with color.

The Dogwood is in bloom and the wild turkey feed by the edge of the woods.

We have also seen an abundance of wild creatures. Turkeys browse through our yard and along the forest edge, the males fanning their tails to attract the females.  All the wild creatures seem to be on the move. The deer feed at the edge of the woods and we have been lucky enough to see three little red foxes and even though they disappeared into the brush to quickly to get a picture they are a lovely sight.

Red Wing Blackbirds call for a mate by the edge of Frogbirds Pond.
 All the world is abuzz with the sounds of Spring as well as the sights. The spring peepers have started their call on the warmer nights and the birds fill the days with song. The Cardinals call from the tallest trees to claim there territory and attract a mate. Not to be outdone one of my favorites the Red wing blackbirds sit in the tops of the trees and fill the air their call to the ladies, spreading their wings to show off flashes of red. The females chirp with excitement as they search through the cattails for a suitable place to build nests and raise their family's.

Mother Earth Candle Wrap

  I have seen many Springs come and go and never get tired of them. Like many I suffer from allergies but I welcome the season with glad sneezes because I know this is the promise of life renewed from Mother Earth. In turn we should not only enjoy all she gives us but protect our Earth and all the life that lives here with us. 

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

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