Thursday, July 24, 2014

Candle Wraps...Tying One On.

Lakshmi with Crystals
When you get your candle wrap from Frogbirds House you will need to tie it on to your LED Candle. That seems simple enough, but if you are like me and sometimes feel a little Ribbon and Bow challenged here are some tips for "Tying One On"... a candle wrap that is;-)

For demonstration purpose I will tie the Lakshmi wrap with the 8" ribbon upgrade onto an 8" tall by 4" diameter LED candle. You will do the same for single or double ribbon candle wraps on 6 or 8 inch LED candles.

1. Wrap and Candle on a Pillow.

1. What I find most helpful is when tying a wrap on a candle is to lay the wrap on a pillow, face down and then place the candle on top. This will keep your candle from rolling around while you tie on your wrap. I like a soft throw or bed pillow that will cradle my candle.

2. Now tie the ribbon bows like you are tying a shoe. No Granny Knots Please! Also at this time make sure you have the first tie centered left to right on the candle.

2. Right over left and
 line it up on the 

Remember this little rhyme...
      Right over left, Left over right, 
     Makes a knot both tidy and tight.

2b. Left over right and make
your first bunny ear... 

3. This is how I taught my children... Make a bunny ear with the ribbon in your right hand. (Image 2b) Next take the ribbon in your left hand and circle around the first ear then pushing through the rabbit hole (Image 2b). 
Finally pull both ears... and there's your bunny rabbit. 
Your bow is tied. 

3. Push the second ear through the hole.

4. Fuss a little till you are happy with your Bow. 

4. Now you can fuss a little getting your ears even and just the right size and when you are happy with your bow all that is left is to turn on your candle and enjoy the beautiful light.

I hope this helps you tie one on... a candle wrap that is. If you have any problems be sure to completely untie the bow and re-tie it from the beginning. If all else fails call up a friend who is good at tying bows and when they are is done, sit down together, get a bottle of wine and...
Tie One On;-)                                                                                                                                                                      

Amanda and Frogbird, Where ever he is.

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