Thursday, July 24, 2014

Candle Wraps...Tying One On.

Lakshmi with Crystals
When you get your candle wrap from Frogbirds House you will need to tie it on to your LED Candle. That seems simple enough, but if you are like me and sometimes feel a little Ribbon and Bow challenged here are some tips for "Tying One On"... a candle wrap that is;-)

For demonstration purpose I will tie the Lakshmi wrap with the 8" ribbon upgrade onto an 8" tall by 4" diameter LED candle. You will do the same for single or double ribbon candle wraps on 6 or 8 inch LED candles.

1. Wrap and Candle on a Pillow.

1. What I find most helpful is when tying a wrap on a candle is to lay the wrap on a pillow, face down and then place the candle on top. This will keep your candle from rolling around while you tie on your wrap. I like a soft throw or bed pillow that will cradle my candle.

2. Now tie the ribbon bows like you are tying a shoe. No Granny Knots Please! Also at this time make sure you have the first tie centered left to right on the candle.

2. Right over left and
 line it up on the 

Remember this little rhyme...
      Right over left, Left over right, 
     Makes a knot both tidy and tight.

2b. Left over right and make
your first bunny ear... 

3. This is how I taught my children... Make a bunny ear with the ribbon in your right hand. (Image 2b) Next take the ribbon in your left hand and circle around the first ear then pushing through the rabbit hole (Image 2b). 
Finally pull both ears... and there's your bunny rabbit. 
Your bow is tied. 

3. Push the second ear through the hole.

4. Fuss a little till you are happy with your Bow. 

4. Now you can fuss a little getting your ears even and just the right size and when you are happy with your bow all that is left is to turn on your candle and enjoy the beautiful light.

I hope this helps you tie one on... a candle wrap that is. If you have any problems be sure to completely untie the bow and re-tie it from the beginning. If all else fails call up a friend who is good at tying bows and when they are is done, sit down together, get a bottle of wine and...
Tie One On;-)                                                                                                                                                                      

Amanda and Frogbird, Where ever he is.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Choosing LED Candles.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but I have been so busy creating new candle wraps for Frogbirds House. I have however received a lot of questions on how to choose the best LED Candles.

You will find there are many styles of LED candles on the market and as people are finding out how beautiful and safe they are they are becoming even easier to find and price friendly. You can find them at most home and craft stores and even online. That means however, with more to choose from it is even harder to choose.
So much to choose from!
First lets take into consideration where do you want to put your candle. Remember you can use LED candles safely anywhere, bathrooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, dorm and nursing facilities. So first decide where it is going.

If it is going someplace that is not easy to reach or you just want to be free from turning it on and off, then I recommend you look for a candle with a timer. There are so many more options now for candles with timers ( 4, 5, and even 8 hr timers). You might also want a candle with a remote that will turn your candles on with a touch of a button. You may not think you need these functions but it is so nice to come home in the evening to the glow of candle light or have the ability to turn on your candles with the touch of a button.

Some LED candles have the light coming from the top of the candle and may even have a faux flame at the top. These are pretty and do have there place but if you are going to decorate a candle yourself or you want to use a House of Frogbird candle wrap the you will want the led bulb placed so the candle will glow throughout the whole candle to best show off your decorations or new wrap.

Here is what I tell people who want a best candles for Frogbirds House Candle Wraps...

Most LED Candles will look like one of these three basic types.
What you are looking for is the one that will give most of its light where your new wrap is tied on.
See the next Image…
As you can see where the bulb is set in the candle can make a big difference in how much light you get
 and how much area of the candle is lit. 

So pick out a candle that best suites your lifestyle and live safely with LED Candles.

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Better Watch Out...Holiday Karma is Real!

It doesn't matter which holiday you celebrate this time of year, Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday, keep one thing in mind Holiday Karma is real.

I have spent the last couple of days running around taking care of the Holiday shopping. As usual it's crazy out there. People are rushing around frantically trying to get things done. But in their rush some some people have forgotten Holiday Karma is real!

It is better to be Nice! Santa is coming to town Candle Wrap.
In this holiday season you see the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! I have been very lucky this year and most of my encounters with my fellow man have been been good. I am sure not all bad things are because of Karma. Bad things can happen to good people anytime for no reason, all the more reason to remember the Holidays are a time to take care of one another. Not only because you don't want coal in your stocking or because you fear Karma but because it feels good to be nice to to people. 

It always makes me happy to see a surprised smile on someone's face when I wish them a "Happy Holiday" or let them in front of me in line or give them my shopping cart because they have an arm full and I only have two little things. It can also makes me a little sad to see how surprised they are and makes me wonder, "Is it that unusual?". I hope not.

The gift I got in return this holiday season was to find myself surrounded with a lot really happy, joyful people who smiled, talk and were generally pleasant. It really has been a Happy Holiday!

A Very large Cat Tree in the Car.
Let's not forget Karma, remember I said Karma is real! It seems because I made the effort to make the day go well for others, everything has gone well for me. I found all the gifts I was looking for. I had a lovely young man help find a hard to find DVD and someone else helped me load a very large cat tree into my car, and all done with such holiday cheer!

The Package we were waiting for.
If that's not enough to prove that Holiday Karma is real how about when I got home, there on the front porch was a package my husband and I had been waiting for. "Thank you FedEx man wherever you are and Happy Holiday:-)"

Later, I watched the news and heard about the Target Hacking. I and several family members had shopped at Target. I was safe having shopped after the date and my family was also safe having used cash. Thank you again Karma!!!

So before I start wrapping and finish making holiday candy, I just wanted to say to anyone who might want to hear it..."Be Happy, Spread Joy and have a Very Happy Holiday" and remember even if you don't believe in Santa, Holiday Karma is real!!!

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I saw the shifting colors today...Autumn and Halloween are on the way:-)

I love Autumn! It is that quiet time when the Earth prepares to rest. It gets out its brightest fabrics of leaves then shakes them with soft breezes so they fall in quilt patches to the ground. The air is crisp with the smells of the harvest and the soft nights yawn with frosty breath as winters sleep approaches.

Today I saw the first shifting of color that announces the beginning of Autumn. The summer dark greens of the forest lighten with a overlay of yellow accented small touches of color at the tip the tree tops. In a few weeks they will be ablaze!

In a few weeks the woods will be ablaze!

Produce stands are filling with a new crop of apples, bails of straw and pumpkins. Children have started back to school. The school buses roll along through country roads, town and city neighborhoods. If you listen carefully as they pass you can hear happy plans for Halloween.

Baroque Bat.
Halloween, the last big block party before we must hide from the cold winter winds. There will be Thanksgiving of course before winter comes calling but it will not bring out the joyful kid in all of us quite the same way as Halloween.

For children Halloween is fun, scary, a mystery, skeletons, black cats, jack-o-lanterns, bats flying past the moon and witches beckoning us to watch and listen to the night. It is a flashlight under the blankets when we should be asleep. It is sitting at the top of the stairs to listen to grownup talk and then being afraid to walk down the darkened hall to bed. When I was a girl it was sneaking into the living room and sitting by the radio, turned on just loud enough to hear if your ear was pressed close, to dark stories of the night.
Black Cat and Witches Hat.

For anyone who thinks childhood has passed them by, this time of year can bring you back to magical times, walking through the leaves, making the breath of dragons in the frosty air, sweet treats, dressing up, the last block party of the year... Autumn and Halloween.

Halloween, for the kid in all of us!

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

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