Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tree of Life on Frogbirds Farm.

High water line for Frogbirds Pond.
We were in the city this week when a storm moved through the area. We have had a serious drought and heat wave this summer. You could see all the trees suffer, their leaves curled against the hot dry weather, and often turning brown and dropping. The pond level, here on Frogbirds farm, has dropped over a foot and I think some of the older catfish have died in the over heated water. This last storm did bring some needed rain but as often happens you take the bad with the good.

As we got closer to Frogbirds farm we wondered what damage might have been done. It was dark as we came up the drive but our headlight revealed a sad site.  There had been very strong straight line winds in the area and one of the twin Oaks that stood by the shop was down. Snapped in half about 12 ft. from the ground.

These two trees had grown up together and although almost 4.5 ft. in circumference they where still relatively young as Oak trees go. The one left standing and untouched stood as a quiet sentinel by its broken sibling.
The Twin Oaks: One will stand alone.

In the morning, I went out to take a closer look at the storm damage. We had a glider that had stood down by the pond blown into a couple of pieces and some limbs on several other trees broken, but the one Oak broken in half was heart wrenching. I walked over to the two trees. Touching the tree left standing, I could almost feel it shudder. I thought of these two trees weathering storms together through out the years, bending and swaying, protecting each other, until this storm with its treacherous wind tore between them, sadly leaving one to stand alone.

We will have to finish the work the storm did, taking down the remaining stump and clean up the mess but first Kelly had to do some repair on the roof. We had a leak and he had planned to fix it this weekend since the storm left it cool enough for him to get on the roof. Our home will continue to shelter us, but the broken oak, home for so many creatures on the farm, will take years to replace.

Seeing this sad site made me think of the ravages the weather has brought to the earth this year. In this country alone we have seen record setting drought, horrific fires and flooding rains. Our friends the trees have had to stand against all these disasters, sometimes not surviving.

My heart breaks to see so much damage to the lives and homes of my fellow man.  I also grieve for the trees as I see them struggle through drought, flood and fire, these giants of life who have sheltered us, warmed us, fed us and given us the very air we breath. We are connected to them all and they are all connected to each other and to us.

Struggling against the drought.
For all the trees I ask you to do this...

Be thankful and take care of all the blessings given to us by our Mother Earth. When you plant a tree, see a seed spring to life or witness a tree die, take a moment to thank it and all its family for everything they have given.

Light a candle, bow or lift your head, depending on your chosen faith, acknowledge the trees life and always remember it’s name, for all trees are called “Tree of Life”.

I lit a Candle and remembered it's name.

 Light a Candle and Remember their names,

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wrens in Frogbirds House and How He Got His Name!

Frogbirds House will always be Frogbirds House and for those who do not know how it got its name here is the story.

Several years ago I was given a wren house by my stepfather and I brought it out to the farm so I could hang it up. I took it outside to hang but got busy I set it on the deck rail and thought I would come back out and hang it later. Several days later I came out to hang the little house but as I walked toward it I noticed a little face. As I got closer I realized it was a little gray tree frog. I came in and told Kelly, my husband, that we had a little Frogbird living in the birdhouse and his new name stuck.
Frogbird in his Birdhouse.

I didn't have the heart to move Frogbird out of his new home so there he stayed for almost 2 years. After all, finders keepers and anyway I felt he should be commended on taking the opportunity of making the little birdhouse his home. When I wanted a name for my Etsy Shop I named it The House of Frogbird in his honor of this industrious little frog.

Last year Frogbird moved out of his home and I like to think he went on to bigger and better things. We miss him and the little bird house is still called Frogbirds House. Kelly hung up the house for me and this spring the wrens moved in to raise a family.

We have really enjoyed watching the wrens darting in and out of their home feeding their family and warning the cat not to get to close. Wrens are small but scrappy. This weekend we let Aspen, our cat, out to spend time in her garden. I noticed the wrens where really yelling at her when Kelly pointed to a little baby bird. Sure enough it was one of their babies. Kelly got a glove and carefully picked it up and put it back in Frogbirds House. I finished my work in the garden watching but I could not see any signs of Mom and Dad but ever so often I heard the little one calling to them. I had to take some kitchen scraps to the compost and heard Mom and Dad calling back from the near by wood.
Baby Wren ready to fly.

Kelly and I where going to a Steeldrivers Concert so I told the little guy to keep calling and his parents would come to get him and Aspen and I went in so I could take a shower.

Aspen Sky Dancer
I was getting out of the shower when I heard the wrens outside calling to their baby. I barely had time to get this shot before they all flew into the garden. I brought our cat, Aspen, in to give them time to get the little guy to the safety of the woods.

Update: We now have a second family of wren in Frogbirds house. It is on the north side of the house so it has been a great place to raise a family is the dreadful heat.

Feeding family number two Summer 2012.
Out on the farm we love all the wildlife and all the seasons bring something new. I also like to bring the outside in and to brighten my evenings I can put a LED candle on timer and fall asleep with the flicker of light and a little farmland friend.

Frog and Water Lily

Humming Bird Garden

LED candles with Frogbird wraps make great nightlight in a child's room or for anyone who enjoys a soft light to fall asleep to.

Good Night, Happy Dreams:-)

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-) 

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