Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to The House of Frogbird.

Welcome to my beautiful new blog!  I'm so excited to share my craft projects and other meanderings with you. For those of you who have not been to my Etsy shop or Facebook page you may be wondering who or what is Frogbird.  Frogbird is a frog that lives in a birdhouse on our deck in the country, I'll tell you more about him later, but suffice to say, he's not coming outside today! Indeed I think he has found a winter home. Tonight is a night filled with magic. It is my first snowfall of the season!

The weather man said it will be very windy, cold and yes even snow starting tonight at midnight. I am in the city for the week and had to get some last minute things done before heading for home. As I finished up my wanderings my way was lit by the beautiful, slightly waning Moon. As it hung in the sky, its light bravely throwing off the first clouds of the impending storm, I thought of my new winter candle wraps, especially the Winter Wolf wrap came to mind. 

The wolf is standing in a cold star filled winter night calling to the Moon as if to say "If you must go then don't be gone long for I need your light to make my way in the night".  So tonight, as I sit writing, I have my Flameless Candle with the Winter Wolf wrap lighting a corner of my room and I can almost hear him call. Later in the night he will hurry off to find shelter from the storm and I will fall to sleep with the winter winds bringing the first snow of winter into my dreams.

Flameless Candle and Winter Wolf Candle Wrap  See this wrap and more at Frogbirdshouse
As I sleep I will dream of the snow to come and if I am lucky I will see the Snow Fairies at their work. When it is very cold and windy the snowflakes are like lace and swirl wildly in the wind. Icy crystal's sparkle as the Snow Fairies churn them together with the snowflakes in a winter dance.

The Snow Fairy Snowflake candle wrap and Flameless Candle in its dreamlike colors makes me think of the cold icy snows of the dead of winter which are so different from the heavy snows of the late fall and early spring. But with the light from the Flamesless Candle shining through the wrap I am warmed with the thought that the cold snows winter bring us the warm glow of spring in the months to come.

Flameless Candle and Snow Fairy Snowflakes Candle Wrap  See this wrap and more at Frogbirdshouse

It is almost midnight, the Moon is hidden behind the clouds and the wind is starting to howl. Tomorrow is another day for sewing the threads of winter.

Good Night,

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

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