Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hurry Spring Along!

Candle and Wrap from The House of Frogbird
I would like to dedicate this post to my Mother. She passed away last year at the age of 92 and this spring, while I was out cleaning last years flowers from a flower bed, I thought of her and how she was always creating flower arrangements from what ever she would find in her yard. It is something she learned to do during the depression years. During those hard times, there would not be money to buy flowers for your table even if you wanted to, so you learned to use what you had.

Many of us with parents from the depression era have heard the stories of making do and yes, sometimes we have been known to roll our eyes. We can, however, learn from these stories, taking the best from them to use today. It is not only thrifty it is fun. Get the kids involved! Make finding things for your arrangement a treasure hunt and learning experience, and while you are at it you get the yard cleaned up for Spring.

I often leave the last flowers from fall in the garden to protect the early spring flowers as they come up and to give the birds a little treat of flower seeds. One of my cherished spring pleasures is to clean out the flower beds and see life begin again. With a little imagination and just a few things of our favorite things from the yard we can make beautiful arrangements for our homes through out the year.

This spring arrangement was inspired by my Celtic Moon Wolf candle wrap. It make me think of a spring meadow. When you see the wild flowers of spring they are often surrounded by the old plant stuff from last years growth.

I started by cutting some branches and old flower buds from my Lavender, a few coneflower pods and yes even some pieces from last falls Mums. A little tip:You can spray your dried cuttings with cheap hair spray ( Not pump and the cheaper the better ) to help keep them from shattering. I didn’t have any early flowers blooming yet so I used a store bought (50% off on sale) bush of spring silk flowers which I cut up to tuck into a basket (a basket from my kitchen) along with my yard clippings and added a flameless candle and candle wrap to finish my spring meadow arrangement.

Gather your dried clippings together and clip apart your the silk flowers.


This is one place a flameless candle is nice because you don’t have to worry about any of your dry plant pieces or your basket catching fire. And depending on what you have in your yard and the kind of flameless candle you use, the arrangements are endless. You could even make a jar candle using a jar rescued from recycling and a flameless tea-light. 

In a few short weeks I will have the flowers of Spring blooming in my garden and can make arrangements with them but for now this is a great way to hurry Spring along!

Notice the one candle arrangement above is made with a glass vase, some potpourri and a flameless votive. I will give you some ideas and tips on using a wrap this way in the next part of this series.
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You will find all my candle wraps in my Etsy shop, The House of Frogbird.

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-) 

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