Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn and The Harvest Moon come to Frogbirds Farm!

The Black Gum Announces the beginning of Fall.
Two weeks ago yesterday was the first day of Autumn at Frogbirds Farm and the day was just beautiful. Temp's were the 70's, the sky a beautiful blue and there was a lovely breeze. I was sitting on the deck and of to the left is a small Black Gum tree at least in my attempts to label it that is what it seems to be. It is the first tree on the farm to start to turn color in the fall. From what I read often Black Gums have leaves of red and orange but sometimes as with this one the leaves glow with a brilliant yellow with the lightest touches of red or orange.

The Oak Applauds the News! 

This year of course after the brutal summer the color of our Black Gum may not be as brilliant, but as usual it is still the first to announce the start of autumn. One of the larger Oaks, standing closer to the woods, echos its color on a couple of its limbs as if to applaud the announcement of the smaller tree.

The cooler weather and promise of rain (we had around 4 inches in the last several weeks) and the promise of snow gives hope to the trees of Frogbirds Farm.

The Black Gum in Full Color.

Last week the Black Gum was in full color and this week more trees are sporting the colors of fall brightly standing out amongst the occasional evergreen. We can hear the crows calling in the crisp Autumn breezes.

I am happy to see fall come and glad to see the relief it is bringing to Frogbird's Farm and all that lives here. We have hope that the pond, which is so important to the wildlife, will replenish to it normal levels.

This winter we will start the planning for next years garden and I will sit in the warm glow of candle light and hope the Tree of Life will bring a better year for all the flora and fauna of Frogbird Farm and for all the earth.

The Harvest Moon rises over Crow Cemetery.

As we drove down the road last Saturday evening we saw the Harvest Moon rising over Crow Cemetery. It was beautiful and Kelly stopped the car to take a picture.

As I sat in the quite magical light I thought about the circle of life and how...The rebirth begins with Autumn. 

The Baroque Crow is calling at Frogbirds House.

The Tree of Life brings renewal.

Amanda and Frogbird, wherever he is:-)

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